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If you are currently in Year 9/10 please select the option which reflects your current study pathway. This can be edited later if you change your mind.


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Privacy Policy
This Highlands LLEN VET Cluster expression of interest form asks for personal information about the student applying and their Parent/Carer. Some of this information must be collected by the HLLEN VET Cluster in accordance with legislation such as the Education and Training Reform Act of 2006. This information is collected to enable the HLLEN VET Cluster to enrol the student in a VETDSS Program through the HLLEN VET Cluster. The information about the student and their Parent/Carer will only be shared with HLLEN Staff, Home School VET Coordinators and VETDSS RTO Managers and Program Teachers who need to have access to this information to enable them to educate and support all VET students. The information collected will not be disclosed beyond these stakeholders without your consent, unless such disclosure is lawful.
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